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Biodegradable camp soap

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  • Wayout! 100% Natural All-In-One Hair, Dish, Laundry Soap – 8oz

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    Wayout! 100% Natural All-In-One Hair, Dish, Laundry Soap – 8oz

    • Multi-purpose! One soap does it all! Use on Hair, Body, Dishes, or Laundry!
    • All Natural Ingredients & Chemical Free
    • No artificial fragrances or preservatives!
    • Made in USA
    • 8 fl oz

    Product Description

    Finally! A soap that does everything!! Hair, Body, Dishes, Laundry! Miracle? Maybe! It’s the Wayout! All-In-One Soap!Wayout! All-In-One Soap does everything you need a soap to do! Not only is this soap 100% natural, it can be used to do everything from washing your hair and body, to being used as a dishwashing soap and washing the dishes, to as a laundry soap to clean your clothes! This special formulation and design makes it the perfect choice for anyone that needs to save space. No longer do you have to carry a half dozen bottles filled with a variety of soaps and detergents when you travel! No longer do you have to make lists to ensure you remember all the different cleaners you may need! Wayout! All-In-One Soap can – and will! – do it all!This all in one-solution is ideal for:
    – campers
    – travelers
    – road trippers
    – RVers
    – anyone that is short on space!And to make a great thing even better, Wayout! All-In-One Soap is all natural and non-toxic. It has no artificial colors or preservatives, is free of detergents, free of artificial fragrances, free of animal products, and free of animal testing.


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    Additional information

    Weight 10 oz
    Dimensions 2 x 2 x 7.5 in

    Body & Hair: Using hands or sponge work into lather all over your body. Rinse. Dishes: Apply to wet sponge. Wash as normal using warm to hot water. For tough grease or stains soak using soap as needed. Handwash laundry: Use as needed for handwash using warm /hot water for best results. HE Washing Machine Top Load & Traditional Top Loading Machines (Best Method): 1. Fill machine with water. 2. Add soap to machine that has the water (this minimizes the suds from filling process) . 3. Add clothes. 4. Wash as normal *Works best with warm & hot loads


    8 fl oz

    Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, natural essential oils, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract

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